The system does not apply the discount amount while I was placing my order.

  1. Minimum order limit: Most of the discounts have minimum order limit and it is possible that you haven't reached that limit in your shopping cart. When the shopping cart reaches that specific amount, discount is applied automatically by the system.
  2. Promotional discount: The discount may be a promotional one that has been expired or not valid for the restaurant you are ordering from. Please refer to the promotion guide line.
  3. First time discount: The discount may be a first time user discount that is only applied to the first order of a registered user.

Some discounts say pick-up only or delivery-only for some restaurants. What is up with that?

These kinds of discounts are designed by participating restaurants with their own resources and marketing efforts. A pick-up discount is not applied when the shopping cart is in delivery mode and naturally a discount valid for delivery is not applied when the shopping cart is in pick up mode. We have no control on these policies.