Order Tracking

How do I know that the restaurant has my order?

When you order through our systems, the participating restaurant is informed automatically by Fax, Email or E-Link Pro interface, which is a software designed by us for transmitting orders to restaurants. If in any case, we did not receive a confirmation from the restaurant, we call the restaurant in person and make sure that they got your order.

Receiving an order confirmation mail means your order is confirmed.

Who should I contact if my order is wrong ?

We send restaurants the same content you see in your confirmation mail. If the order you received is not the same, please contact the restaurant directly with the order number you are provided in the confirmation mail. If you cannot resolve your issue, please let us know by contacting us from the following e-mail address :


Please briefly describe what is wrong with your order and do not forget to include your order number in your email.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can contact the restaurant directly by using the telephone number of the restaurant provided to you with your confirmation email to check the status of your order.